Tuesday, January 11, 2005

What's so special about Jennifer Aniston anyway?

And don't say "Friends" because we all know that show got lamer every year it was on the air. Scott said "The Good Girl" and then there is also "Office Space" too. But so what? How did she top the Forbes list of Hollywood's 100 Most Powerful People? She married Brad Pitt, that's how. And now it is all over. My heart bleeds, really. Their relationship started when their agents set them up on a date. Those who cared were lead to believe (by their tireless PR reps) that their relationship was all warm-fuzzy-happiness+sunkissed-perfection, but just like most things that look all shiny and glossy and untouchable, they were a big fake. A lie. A Sham. Whatev. I am sure they will both move on to other suitable "A" list actors. Maybe Brad will explore his wild side with a certain Angelina Joli. Maybe Jennifer will explore her wild side with Angelina Joli as well (hey, a little lesbianism has been known to help one's career!).
On a happier, equally less than sincere note, congrats to Seal and Heidi Klum. Damn. Good for him. GOOD FOR HER! I have had the pleasure of seeing Seal live in concert and never have I seen a finer ass in leather pants.
Other well wishes to Jude Law and Sienna Miller...he barely let the ink dry on his divorce papers and she's 23 - not sure that bodes well for them, but stranger matches have worked, so they might as well give it a try.


  1. kat, what's so special about jennifer anistonopolous?

    have you seen the pipes on jennifer aniston? man... i would zone for life if it guranteed me her bod (though her ass is a little on the flat side, but i can forgive. she's part-greek, after all, so i know that baby got baklava). and up until last week or so, she had brad pitt. SPECIAL!

    i love seal. loved him since he was a shy weirdo with bad dreds and a long leather trenchcoat. during his "crazy" phase. six-feet-four-inches of solid muscle and style. so what about the scary facial scarring. i think he's sexy.

    jude law+sienna miller=5 years max.

  2. Marlo Girl - okay, I'll give you that she has a tight body, but I kind of liked all of the Friends ladies when they weighed about 10 pounds more a piece. If you look at the first few seasons, they were just right, by the end they had clearly chosen their asses over their faces...as in, tight ass, old face (no cushion).

    Solitaire - pipes can mean arms too. Nothing wrong with being 23, just a little young to be getting married, to someone you have been dating for less than a year. Good luck to them, maybe they will prove me wrong!

  3. 23 is too young to get married in this day and age. solitaire, for as much as you want a boyfriend, you want a husband now? pfft. jude still cute, who cares about the receding hairline? who am i with my bad skin and big ol' fivehead to judge? LOL

    pipes. arms. peaks. whateva. i like anistinky better skinny. courtney cox needs a sammitch and kudrow was never goodlooking as far as i'm concerned. the boys all looked better skinny--even matthew perry, who gained a discernible chin while he was addicted to painkillers. joey is one big salami now. i watch old episodes and i can't believe what a dumpling he is.

  4. no context taken. why you always peakin' out?