Thursday, January 27, 2005

Celebrate the love of the one you're with.

How did we not know all along that George Michael is gay? Were the Wham days of shaved tan legs in white short shorts not enough? Just a thought...god bless the 80's, eh? Anyway, I heard his song "Amazing" again on the radio this morning. And it made me happy, even in rush hour traffic, I was seat dancing. Don't ask [it is a vision]. I may go buy his cd, I like it that much. Shut up in advance.

Good news - I wrote my exam and I believe [perhaps foolishly] that it went well. We'll see. But at least it is over. No more late Wednesday nights, no more studying, no more structured self-improvement. For a while anyway.

Last night, Solitaire and I were messaging back and forth and she was making me avatars from the yahoo avatar site. Scott asked me if I was twelve, which of course, I am. I am easily entertained. She wrote a sweet blog about us today.

My husband is gangster.Here is my looking vexed at Scott when he told me about his new Timbaland boots. I figure I should go get myself something as a reward for finishing my nightschool class and even the balance of spending. Any suggestions?

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  1. Lol - I just saw that Soli!

    I was thinking Ipod...but that is a little steep...

    His surgery got delayed because of some complications. It should be early next week. Thank you for asking :-)