Monday, January 24, 2005

Up in the himalayas, C’mon I wanna lay ya.

good thing he's cute!
I'm sure you've heard about Ricky Martin's "fact finding mission" to Thailand to report on the tsunami disaster. I'm not making this up - he actually said:
"The destructive effects caused by this natural phenomenon are indescribable and the consequences for the future are difficult to predict."
So, uh, what are you saying there Ricky? Doesn't sound very grounded in fact, whatever it is you are trying to articulate. Maybe you should just shake your bon-bon and leave the rescue missions to the experts? Check out the clip from Oprah's site (try not to get distracted by the Walt Disney ad floating down the middle of the page [smirk]. And NO - Walt Disney will NOT be donating any portion of your trip to the tsunami effort - they just figure if you have the money to donate to a worthy cause, you probably have some left over for uncle Walt.

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