Friday, January 21, 2005

Damnit I EARNED this weekend.

Everyone is complaining about the weather so I will too - BRRRRRRRRRR!There's something really great about pulling up in my driveway on a Friday night. Especially when I have my cute husband by my side, HOT fish and chips ready to consume, and a nice bottle of shiraz waiting for me. It's like a world, or a least a few days, of rest lay before me. And if I haven't been too much of a dumbass, I have not planned very much outside of watching some football and taped tv shows, sleeping in, and maybe getting my hair done. This weekend I also have some studying to do, but I will not let that get me down. We are supposed to have a snowstorm tomorrow, but I don't even care, because I don't HAVE to go anywhere. The worst that will happen is I will miss my hair appointment, I can handle that. I made it through a week which started with finding out Ian is going to have a quadruple bypass and ended with getting a stack of plates dumped on my head and sour cream in my hair by a waitress at Shoeless Joe's in Toronto [yuck]. Good times. Today it was so cold that my eyeballs froze and then watered mascara EVERYWHERE [both a hott and professional look]. But next week I will be done my night school course and I will have my Wednesday nights back. TGIF Bitchez!

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