Saturday, January 08, 2005

We have to stop meeting like this.

My vote for the sexiest man alive EVER

In my dreams, that is.

Jon Stewart and I had a lovely series of encounters on Thursday night/Friday morning (sometime between the hours of 11:30pm and 6:30am when I was rudely awaken by the sound of my husband's alarm clock). I told Scott (my husband) of said encounters over pizza and a Raptors game last night. He didn't seem to mind (apparently it's okay for me to tell him about my sexy dreams if they a) involve him or b) involve celebrities who I will never meet). Note, he would prefer to never hear about sexy dreams that c) involve anyone we actually know. Fortunately, my subconscious shoots a little higher on the food chain than his Burlington friends (no offence to them) preferring incredibly sexy, intelligent, successful, slightly nerdy men. Hmmm...probably should seek a professional opinion on this and see if I have some sort of a weird fetish here. Regardless, I am pleased to tell you that Jon was very charming, shorter than I imagined, just as witty as you would think, and a REALLY GOOD KISSER. Also, he cooks a mean brisket. I'm not sure when we will meet again, but I hope it is soon as I thoroughly enjoyed our time together and he promised to...well, that's private and between me and him, but you get the idea [wink wink]. I guess I should stop suggesting to Scott that we go to NYC to see a taping of the Daily Show. He might get suspicious...


  1. Soli, brisket is a cut of beef that's smoked or cooked a certain way. I've never had it either, but I've heard of it.

    Anyways, I must say, Scott is a really nice guy, since he doesn't mind that much your dreaming of other guys. I'm not what I would do if my guy was dreaming about other women and then telling me about it. Actually, I know what I would do, but I think those things are better left unsaid. Y'know, to avoid any liability in the future... ;)

    In any case, hope you get those tickets! :D

  2. It's okay - Scott just told me that Tina Fey is his Jon Stewart. I can respect that...

  3. Damn, why do my celebrity dreams seem to involve Bea Arthur? *shudder* I need to get myself a better class of celebrity.