Sunday, October 31, 2010

amazing women at every turn.

Women are the real architects of society.
Harriet Beecher Stowe

This past week has reminded me once again, that I am surrounded by kick ass women - near and far.  

First there is Cherie Kollee, a friend of a friend, and the creative force behind Girlybaby. After seeing a picture of a Cinderella costume she made on her facebook page, I asked her if she had any left. She offered to make a custom pink princess costume for Cameron (one week before Halloween I might add).  She even had it ready in time for Cameron to wear to daycare on Friday.  I squealed with delight when I saw it - truly the definition of pink perfection.  Someone commented that they thought Cameron was dressed up as "Pretty" for Halloween.  I have to agree.

There is also my friend Alana, who is a public school music and art teacher, single mom, sings in 2 bands, and teaches harp privately.  She agreed, without even a second thought, to illustrate the children's book I wrote for my latest Woman of Wonder mission.  Cameron and I visited her in Kitchener yesterday and she drew ten illustrations in 90 minutes.  Incredible.  I can't wait to get this project up for everyone to see - her work is beautiful.
Cameron is tired of pictures.  Enough Mommy!!

This morning Cameron and I went to my friend Jennifer's, aka, The Party Mama, Halloween Party.  Jennifer is also a teacher, but has taken a few years "off" to get to spend more time with her children while they are wee.  And by "off", I mean she is still supply teaching and running a business.  Her Halloween party filled up in the first day after being announced.  There were 100 kids there.

Her mom, Denise (The Party Mama's Mama) was also at the party.  Denise is always ready with a smile and is always at Jenn's events supporting her with whatever needs to get done.
Also at the party was Kate McIntosh, a photographer with a million pounds of patience! She had these kids posing and smiling like it was their favourite thing in the world.  And when the sun moved and she had to haul her set across the park for better lighting?  No big deal - all in a day's work.
Of course, my favourite still-a-girl-not-yet-a-woman, Cameron, inspires me every day with her smiles and laughs and the funny things that come out of her mouth.  She makes my heart hurt (in a good way).
Being a princess is hard work, yo.
There are so many more amazing women in my life that I haven't mentioned here (my mom, and Jennifer, to name a few). They have been such great supporters of me, and are always here for me to lean on. Okay - off to finish that book, grocery shop, and of course, quilt. The night is young!


  1. Anonymous8:03 p.m.

    You and Cammie are so beautiful, and we love you!!

    mom and Ian

  2. katrina what a doll! your princess looks adorable! Im so glad you loved the costume she was beaming for sure! thanks for the lovely comments on Girlybaby,Custom Made Tutus,Headbands,Hats and More!

  3. Thanks so much for the props Kat! It was so nice to see you and your little princess yesterday! :)

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