Wednesday, October 20, 2010

junior kindergarten update.

For all of the constructive criticism I have doled out about Max starting jk, I also think it is important to balance it out with props to the new members of Team Max.  We had a rough start with junior kindergarten.  Max struggled and let his unhappiness be known by throwing tantrums, biting his EA (several times) and being completely non-compliant.  His teachers were beside themselves trying to figure out a way to get Max settled down and to have him be a part of the classroom.  I felt their frustration.  I felt Max's confusion, and I said a little prayer every morning that "this would be the day that Max clicks with them". 

During the first week of October, something finally fell into place.  Max started smiling when we pulled into the school parking lot.  He trotted to his classroom, his grin spreading from ear to ear when he saw his EA.  I started getting reports back that he had peed in the toilet (progress from holding his urine all morning until he got to blueballoon).  They figured out a way to get him to take his jacket off (the Autism team provided him with a pressure vest - which he loves).  He willingly changed his shoes.  The principal called me one morning to say that he went into Max's room to observe and Max was sitting at a table with some of his classmates and his EA working on counting problems.  We all started to relax.

This past Monday was picture day.  We have never had any success at getting official school pictures of Max at his daycares.  I told his EA not to worry if Max wasn't into having his picture taken, we wouldn't be upset and it just wasn't worth it for everyone to get stressed out about it.  Turns out I needn't have worried, because not only did Max sit for the group photo of his class, he gave the photographer 5 terrific poses to choose from for his individual photo!  I really can't wait to see the pictures.  Milestones come at the most surprising times.

When I dropped Max off this morning, I wanted to get a picture of him smiling.  He immediately went and stood behind his EA, hugging her legs and peering around her to see if I was still there.  He was giggling because she was saying "where's Max? peak-a-boo!" but the minute he saw I was trying to take a picture he got a very serious look on his face.  His EA leaned in and whispered "quiiiiiiiiet" to him in a silly voice and he beamed at her and gave me the smile I was looking for.  I told her "that's wonderful! You already have your own games with Max!".  She smiled back at me, and I could tell that she's starting to fall for him.  It was only a matter of time.


  1. Cute! Cute! Cute! And awesome. I can't wait to see those school photos.

  2. This year you will get a Cam picture AND a Max picture!

  3. Anonymous1:15 p.m.

    Lovely to read....tears in my eyes.


  4. Anonymous10:39 p.m.

    What an amazing story all the way around. It's so great that Max is settling in with his EA's. I hope he has an awesome school year!