Saturday, October 16, 2010

moda jelly roll origins by basic grey.

Beautiful day, kids playing happily outside = me sneaking out to make a quick visit to the Oakville Sewing Centre to pick up the latest Quilts & More magazine.  Of course, I never manage to leave with only a magazine (that would be just about impossible).  As I flipped through the selection of Fall magazines a new jelly roll caught my eye.  Blacks! Yellows! Greens! Browns! and Creams! and oh no...this jelly roll was calling out to me "Katrina, Katrina, you know you want me, you know you can't leave me here in this store all my lonesome".  And who am I to deny such a request?
Linda, the lovely owner of the Oakville Sewing Centre came over to say hello and noticed I had my eye on the display of new Fall fabrics.  "Do you have a sample made up of this yet?" I asked, trying to sound casual.  "No," Linda said, "do you want to sew one up for me?".  Oh yes! Of course! And from there we agreed on a pattern and I walked out of the store with a new jelly roll, some thread, and a new pattern book, all without spending a cent.  That's the first time I've ever left a fabric store without taking my credit card out.  I do, however, have to get moving on getting this quilt completed to make good on my end of the bargain.
We picked out a simple log cabin pattern called "Braided Links" from the "Jelly Roll Quilts & More" by Kimberly Einmo (pictured above) because time is of the essence and the fabric is so beautiful it really doesn't need anything complex, it stands on its own.

I'm always blown away by how much fabric comes packed into a jelly roll.  The best thing about jelly rolls, aside from the fact that all of your colours are matched up for you, is that you have very little cutting to do.  (Please excuse the mess of cords and stuff on the floor - I didn't realize I'd be staging a photo shoot until after I had all of the fabric laid out.)  But you get the idea anyway.

Tonight, cutting and pinning and maybe some sewing.  I'll be sure to post updates on how it goes!!


  1. I just found your blog and I love it! I'm also tickled you chose the Braided Links pattern, from my book, Jelly Roll Quilts & More, to use with that fabulous Jelly Roll bundle from basicgrey! I'll be stopping back to see your progress. I know it will be beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Kimberly - you totally made my day! Geeky-Quilter-Fan-Girl moment! I'll probably have the top completed by the end of the week.

  3. Anonymous12:06 p.m.

    Cami's toes are killing me! I love my girl!
    A. xo

  4. Anonymous12:36 p.m.

    I love the relaxed grip on her sou-sou