Sunday, October 03, 2010

geox boots for max.

Every year around this time, Max and I make the trek to the local kids' shoe store to buy Max his new winter boots.  Every year he has a meltdown, and I end up asking the sales person to bring me "a navy pair of the Geox boys winter boots in size XYZ" (this year it is size 12).   He doesn't try them on, and we leave the store with him in tears, and me feeling let down that this was not the year that Max was able to handle this excursion.  Maybe next year will be the year (because that's how stubborn I am - I won't give up).

We always get the same brand, which is Geox.  The reason we buy Max Geox, even though they are super spendy, is that they are the only boots he likes.  They allow his feet to breathe, they apply a lot of pressure to his calves, and they are secure.  Plus he can run like the wind in them.  I should add that the one time I tried to buy him boots on the cheap, he hated them and refused to wear them, and I ended up buying him Geox anyway which meant I spent even more money!  Also, I've never owned a pair of Geox for myself, but from what I hear they are wonderful.

We're lucky that Cameron doesn't mind wearing Max's hand-me-downs, because we plan on getting our money's worth out of these boots!

Note: I wasn't paid by Geox to write this post, I wrote it to help out other parents out there who have children with Autism with sensory issues.  These may be the boots your kid will love!


  1. Anonymous5:33 p.m.

    what a great mom you are.

  2. lol, well, I'm a mom who hasn't had new boots in...4 years?

  3. I think shoe shopping is a bit of a nightmare for most kids. I still can't take Charlotte shoe shopping. Meltdown central. I just buy a size and make her try them on at home. Sometimes I end up going back and forth three times with sizes but it beats the hysteria of getting her to try something on in the store.

  4. Anonymous2:28 a.m.

    Exactly who is the parent? Geez....way to raise a bratty kid.