Sunday, October 03, 2010

women of wonder: my first mission, part 2.

Friday evening, 8:30pm. We hear a knock on the door.
We are given a plain brown box, addressed to me (very mysterious).
I open the box, and view the following object:
I think it's a tennis racket.
Or maybe a flip.  Whoa! Ah HD 120 minute flip! Fancy!
Upon further inspection, I see that I have been sent my first mission for the WonderBra Women of Wonder project.  It reads:

Week 1
A New Perspective
Get a different view of the world and 
go rock climbing with someone you trust.
When you get to the top, let go.
I examine the note closely to make sure that it will not self-destruct.  No such warning, but Ooooh! Pretty, pink, lacy, lingerie! Who doesn't feel like a goddess in beautiful underwear?  I am going to walk with a little extra confidence on Monday at work.  If only my coworkers knew they had a Woman of Wonder in their midst...
Check out to see what the other Women of Wonder are up to!

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