Saturday, October 02, 2010

social media consulting for small businesses.

I don't usually work on weekends. Let me clarify - I don't usually do marketing type work on the weekends. But this Saturday morning, I made an exception and wow did it ever work out well. A tip to anyone coming over to my house (ever). If you appear at my front door with coffee and a present? I will TOTALLY let you in. 100% guarantee.
Keith Childerhose and Sarah Taylor run a handyman business in Oakville called Lakeshore Home Maintenance.  We have used their services several times in the past few years.  While I can handle little things like installing lights, toilets, and painting, I draw the line at fence repair and custom door installation.  The best thing about Keith and Sarah (besides the coffee and gifts) is that they are fast, professional, and they understand that we have small children, one of whom has Autism.  I completely trust them in our house and know that they aren't going to leave the front door open so that Max can run for the hills.  Oh, they also do top notch work!
This morning, instead of them helping me, I got to help them with some social media consulting.  It was fun getting to talk with them about their marketing objectives, and to give them tips on things they can do immediately that will generate traffic and some things to think about for the future.  As one of their contractors, I get to have a Lakeshore Home Maintenance t-shirt too! Green is totally my colour!


  1. Anonymous1:22 p.m.

    Man, I just love you more every day, K. You are such a renaissance woman, you know dat?

  2. Awh, AV, you are the renaissance woman! Can't wait to see you next weekend!