Thursday, October 21, 2010

cam's daycare pictures.

Cam's school pictures came home yesterday.  How do I pick just one?  She really should be in the dictionary under "imp".  Also, she should be the president of the "good thing she's cute" club while she's at it.  Thank goodness they got that friggin' pacifier out of her mouth! 

A few nights ago, Scott was getting Cameron into her pajamas, and when he zipped up the front he must have nipped her belly or something, because she let out a scream that would make you think she had been mortally wounded.  Upon further examination, she had barely a scratch on her tummy and was just fine.  Not so in her mind.  She yelled "daddy go away! you hurt me! I don't like you anymore!".  Wow. 

Having been told to go away, Scott followed her instructions and came downstairs to eat dinner with me.  She continued to moan and groan upstairs muttering things like "you hurted me daddy! I don't like you! my tummy has an ow-ey!".  We sat at the dinner table smirking at each other over our pasta, trying not to laugh at how indignant she was.  Finally she came downstairs and stood in the hallway glaring at us.  With one last salvo she had us in hysterics "daddy, I don't like you! mommy I don't like you either! I don't like either of you!!!".  I almost fell out of my chair I was laughing so hard.  Cam, ever the entertainer, also had a hard time staying mad because she is always trying to get a laugh out anyone who will listen and she didn't understand that this time, the joke was at her expense.  I swear this girl is 2 going on 13. 


  1. Anonymous4:55 p.m.

    Is she wearing the same outfit in last year's pictures, only bigger?

    Postscript to Kat's story: Cam forgave us.


  2. I didn't mean to dress her in the same thing...accident (I forgot it was picture day). But, you know, maybe next year I'll keep the red theme alive. Better than more PINK!

  3. Cam has the most adorable smile without that pacifier! Love the "red theme"too.