Monday, October 11, 2010

canadian thanksgiving: a turkey by any other name.

...would smell as sweet... actually, who am I kidding, it's smells better.  Especially if you don't have to slave over it all day and someone else serves it up and all you have to do is loosen your pants and enjoy.

Let me back up a bit...this afternoon, Scott and I made our annual Thanksgiving pilgrimage to Scott B. and Elizabeth's home to partake in Thanksgiving (yes - we are doubly blessed - 2 turkeys in 2 days!).  We have been lucky guests of Scott B. (a professional chef) and Elizabeth's since 2005 (I remember because I was preggo with Max and they were some of the first people we told).  For some reason there aren't any pictures from that year (irresponsible blogging on my part), but there was a picture from the next year (yeah, that's Max):
This year was no different - except over the past few years we have smartened up and stopped bringing our kids.  Turns out it's a lot easier to relax when you don't have to worry about your children tearing your friend's house apart.  Scott humoured me and let me snap this pic:
Our Thanksgiving friends, Steve, Amanda and Rachel B. were also in attendance.  We only ever see them at Thanksgiving, so it's interesting to catch up.  Of course, Scott and I come prepared with all sorts of wildly inappropriate jokes to keep things interesting.  I used to worry that we were too much for them, but they keep inviting us back, so I figure they find us entertaining.
I'm pretty sure my Scott just said something shocking to make Scott B. cringe like this:
Elizabeth is laughing on the inside:
Who needs to say a prayer when you've got this?:
Scott B's turkey is great, but I come for the butternut squash soup:
Beautiful Rachel humouring me while I photograph the wine and the cranberry sauce:
I put my foot in my mouth and made some generalization about teachers in the public school system and Amanda (who is a teacher) looked like she wanted to dump her wine on my head.  Yeah, awkward.  Scott played footsie with me...or maybe he was trying to kick me under the table?
Let's change the subject and get a better look at that turkey:
And look at these vegetables and mashed potatoes!!:
And the stuffing...oh the stuffing...:
Do you see the steam coming off that gravy?:
A work of art (about to be in my belly):
I made sure to not overdo it at dinner so that I'd have room for the pie.  I mean pies.  Three, to be exact.  Scott B. posed with his pumpkin pie for me:
And then there was the sugar pie, dear lord, the sugar pie (it made my teeth hurt but I could. not. stop. eating. it.  Damn the entire province of Quebec for coming up with something so incredibly tasty and so over the top sweet:
And of course, my contribution to the meal, apple pie (from Chudleigh's):
It was a wonderful meal, as it is every year.  Thank you to Scott B. and Elizabeth for sharing this meal with us.  We look forward to it every year, but we really must see each other more often!

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