Friday, October 01, 2010

it's happy hour somewhere, right?

This, my friends, has been a tough week.
On Monday I had to stay home with an exhausted and manic Max, who did not sleep the previous night (pay back for us going away for the weekend).
On Tuesday my coworker's wife died of cancer.  They have 2 young children.
On Wednesday I got a migraine.
On Thursday I had a meeting at Max's school that was heart wrenching (I think I'm still recovering).
And today, Cameron bit me when I dropped her off at daycare and at lunch I crossed paths with this mean looking black cat who took my wallet and beat me senseless. 

I'm ready for this week to end.  I'm thinking next week will be better. 

(But, you know, the good thing about the down weeks is they help you appreciate the up weeks so much more.)


  1. wow, that cat really looks like a meanie!

  2. When I stopped to take the picture it sneered at me and told me to "keep movin'".