Saturday, October 16, 2010

shadows and light.

Most days I wish my brain would just shut up.  For just a minute.  Scott calls me the Queen of Non-Sequiturs and it's true.  I blip from one idea to another and then back again. Good luck keeping up or even understanding what in dog's name is going on in my head that I can go from talking about social media to complaining about being too tired to make turkey soup and isn't Cameron funny when she acts like a little parrot and boy, it would be really nice to get some new boots this winter.

I should get a t-shirt.  One that says "Queen of Non-Sequiturs...hey, do you know where my keys are and can you pick up waffles on the way home and oh yeah, Max's favourite therapist is on her honeymoon".

And I so, so, wish I was kidding about all this, but I'm not.  Even as I write this I'm thinking about watching the next episode of America's Next Top Model online and why doesn't anyone comment on my Grey's Anatomy live blogs - am I wasting my time? And is that turkey soup going to take all night to cool so I can refrigerate it or should I set my alarm to wake up at 3am to check and see, I'd hate for all that yummy soup to go to

Yeah, shut up brain.

But as I assess my "high" and "low" for the day, I have a few things that compete for the "high" which, you know, is the sign of a pretty solid day (wonderful and supportive email from a girlfriend from college and someone I respect asking me to do some cool social media type stuff).  And the "low", well, I suppose if the worst things that happened were that I had to watch Tinker Bell for the 149th time and I think I'm getting a new zit, I'm doing okay.

I'm working on a new website my spare time (that's a joke...get it?).  It's a review site for toys that children with Autism may dig (based on my control group of "1" being Max).  It's not ready yet, but I think it's a neat project and is something that people who are racking their brains for what the heck to get their kid or their friend's kid or their grandkid who has Autism will find useful.  Yay for being useful!

Time for America's Next Top Model...or maybe I should read that girl with the dragon tattoo book...turkey soup...zit...I need to sew like 4 quilts...I wonder what I would look like as a brunette?


  1. I too cannot shut off my mind and have thousands of things going on in there at once. I think it is a sign of true genius. Or complete insanity. I forget which. I'm hungry.

  2. I'd love to make contributions to your new toy website. I am a toy hound, and I trawl the internet and (other nations) for appropriate toys. We have lots we can review.

  3. @big daddy - I like the true genius concept but I'm leaning towards insanity!

    @stranded - i'll email you offline - I think I would like to have contributions from a bunch of parents w/high level profiles of their child's needs/characteristics (ie - sensory seeker, stims, etc)

  4. Anonymous12:13 p.m.

    The difference between genius and insanity is the width of a gnat's eyebrow.

  5. Anonymous12:41 p.m.

    I can't always tell if Kat cares about what I do at work because I'll come home and tell her about something I consider interesting and she'll respond with something completely unrelated that she wants to talk about. I used to get annoyed/angry about it, but now I've (mostly) learned to accept that it comes with the whole package.

    - Scott

  6. I care. And I'm listening. Really...I have this ability to carry on a conversation with you and another one with myself in my head at the same time. It's awesome.