Monday, October 04, 2010

i'm a quitter.

I'm not really a quitter. But I love this shirt. A lot. If it looks familiar, that's because it's by Natalie Dee - the same artist behind my "I don't care, okay?" and "anxiety girl" shirts.  I like this shirt because it states the exact opposite of what I am, and I get some crazy funny looks when I wear it (though it was a definite hit at Cathy and Gordon's wedding - props to our cool friends).

For the most part, our culture does not support the idea of throwing in the towel, giving up, deciding you just can't do it or,  quitting.  Granted the Jet Blue guy did garner quite a bit of attention as did the dry erase board girl hoax, but I chalk that up to the fact that at one time or another most of us have fantasized about quitting our jobs with a grand exit that would go down in HR history, (the reality being that most of us stick to the standard 2 weeks notice and make nice).  This shirt, it embraces the idea that quitting is to be celebrated, embraced, and taken pride in.  Rainbows and stars with smiley faces rejoice! Big ups for quitting!  Maybe Homer was onto something when he told Lisa and Bart "you tried your best and you failed miserably. The lesson is: Never try".

My reality is that I don't have the option of up and quitting (my job, my battle against Autism, my quest to be happy), though some days it certainly is tempting.  I am the first person to sling phrases like "keep on keepin' on", "dust yourself off and try again", and "get some rest, tomorrow is another day" to my friends.  I count on them to chant these one liners back to me when I am sitting on my duff feeling sorry for myself.  I'm also blessed with positive and negative attributes like being stubborn, demanding, a high achiever, tenacious, strong willed, and in general someone who just doesn't give up, ever.  I'm sure it can be quite irritating to be around, for all you quitters (wink).

I think this is the next t-shirt I'm going to get.  Take it any way you want.


  1. Quitting is underrated. My problem is that I quit the wrong things and keep on doing the things I shouldn't be doing. Along the same lines, the always intuitive Homer said "If something is hard it's not worth doing."

  2. Man, Homer is way deep.

    I think I have the same problems as you BDA. Nice to know I'm not alone.