Friday, October 15, 2010

'member when?

swcc choir, circa 1994
I was digging through all of the photos that I have been tagged in on facebook the other day and when I stumbled upon this one I almost snorted coffee through my nose.  I think I was aware my friend Jeremy had posted it, but I blocked it out because, well, look at me.

Can you find me?  Look harder.  Front row, third from the left.  No, that's not Arial, but thanks for that.  I have no idea why I thought dying my hair red would be a good idea.  Man am I glad I didn't get stuck with one of those red dresses. My hair colour was bad enough as it was.

Also, it turns out that red is almost impossible to get out of your hair when you want to go back to blonde.  When I tried to get it bleached out my hair turned pink (right before a voice recital too).  I ended up having to get it all cut off, which led to years and years of trying to grow it out and is the reason I now refuse to have bangs.

But back to the trip down memory lane.  I'm friends with most of these people on facebook - all but 8 in fact (and one of these 8 has sadly passed away - RIP Erin Lindsay).  It's strange to think that most of these fresh faces are now married, with kids, own homes, drive cars where you can't see the road whizzing by under your feet, and no longer consider it acceptable to call mountain dew and licorice breakfast.  It's fun to reminisce but wow am I glad those days (and that hair!) are behind me.


  1. Doug Faubus2:43 p.m.

    Mt. Dew or Hee Haw? LOL

  2. HEY! I happen to think that hair colour is fab! LOL

  3. front and center even then...